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Carpets and How to Keep Them Clean

A floor covering made of textile is what we call a carpet and it comes from the Old Italian word “carpita” which is basically a rug used for covering. Since carpets are made of textiles of various types, it becomes essential to clean them on a regular basis because if not done they can become a storehouse of dirt and germs along with stains. An unclean carpet can also become an embarrassment as it also reveals how clean a person is. Children often tend to play on carpets so it is always an additional responsibility to keep carpets clean.
There are many ways to keep the carpets clean and one of the most common methods is by using vacuum cleaners. These pull in the dirt and dust and then to remove stains various stain removers are available in the market. At the same time house wives are also aware of many home made stain removers and these methods are often employed to remove dirt and keep a carpet clean and shining. Furthermore another common technique is the use of rug beaters, brooms, brushes and rods which are used to remove dust and dirt from carpets. In many homes it is a common scene to see carpets being sun dried.
Various products are available in the markets at cheap rates to wash the carpets such as shampoos, dry foams; biodegradable compounds, encapsulations, etc are also available. What is required is a sound knowledge of such products when we buy the carpets. It is also to be remembered that we need to purchase carpets keeping in mind the textiles we can easily clean if we plan to maintain them at home. However if we plan to get them cleaned by taking them for dry or wet cleaning to a provider who provides such services we would just need to know where such shops are located. In many places hot water or steam cleaning is preferred as these are safe methods which will not alter the color of the carpets or change its texture. For this reason the use of chemicals is not preferred to clean them. Cleaning such wall to wall rugs can be quite a task so we need to have an informed idea of how to go about it.
For pets and children eco friendly products are easily available in the market. These products are safe and delicate so are not harmful what so ever but may be slightly more costly as compared to the other common washing methods. Purchasing carpets can be a good pocket pinch and we often tend to buy new pieces in festive seasons or special occasions so it is very important to maintain them, keep them clean as they are good friends during the cold winter months and they also make a fashion statement! We could say they are important assets of the home we live in. In order to clean carpets the first thing that we should keep in mind is hygiene and with hardly any professional training we can keep them clean along with saving time and money by using simple friendly methods.

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